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Sidewalk and Walkway

Repair and Installation

Damaged or cracked walkways and sidewalks are usually cut out and removed.  The ground is then re-graded to insure the correct gradients and wooden forms are installed to contain the new concrete. 


Installing a new Then the reinforcing steel is installed in a checkerboard design, usually at 2 ft intervals.  The steel is placed on plastic or steel chairs that keep them about 1.5” off the ground.  Standard concrete with a 3000 PSI compressive strength @ 28 days is then poured, normally at a 4 inch thickness. 


The final surface finish of the concrete is the standard, slip-resistant, “Broom Finish”. The new concrete may be tied into existing, surrounding concrete by drilling steel “dowels” into the existing concrete.  This is a not always recommended particularly with aged or old concrete. Expansion joints are normally installed at varying distances depending on the size of the project.  This allows for some expansion and contraction of the walkway or sidewalk without causing cracking; it also contains a fault within a specific section and minimizes the cost of repair if necessary.  Depending on weather conditions concrete may need to be moistened for the 1st 3 days after it is 1st poured.  There is also a waiting period (that varies with weather conditions) before heavy objects may be placed or moved across the new concrete.  Concrete generally takes 28 days to reach its maximum compressive strength. 

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