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Patio Repair Extend

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Damaged or cracked patios are usually cut out and removed. The ground is then re-graded to insure the correct gradients and wooden forms are installed to contain the new concrete patio.

Then the reinforcing steel is installed in a checkerboard design, usually at 24 inch intervals to provide reinforcing strength. The steel is placed on plastic or steel chairs that keep them about 1.5” off the ground. Standard concrete with a 3000 PSI compressive strength @ 28 days is then poured. normally at a 4 inch thickness.

With the larger patios we recommend a reinforcing beam structure.  For the medium size patio a perimeter beam alone will suffice.  For the larger patios we recommend at least one cross beam thru the center in addition to the perimeter beam.  These steel reinforced, concrete beams generally have a 6 inch width and a 8 inch depth. 

Since the patios do not bear a great deal of weight it is sometimes possible to repair a cracked patio with a 1.5” to 2” cover of new concrete.  This process, commonly referred to as “floating” is significantly more economical than removing the old and installing new concrete.

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